Frequently asked questions about wind energy and noise

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Frequently asked questions about wind energy and noise

Untertitel:Allegations and facts
Version:1st edition (based on 3rd revised German edition)
Stand:November 2016
Herausgeber:LUBW State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Württemberg;
Bearbeiter:LUBW Competence centre for wind energy;
Department Noise Protection;
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The energy transition has been accompanied by heavy public debate. And in recent years numerous initiatives, both for and against wind energy, have been set up. A plethora of statements has been made on the Internet, in forums and at lectures about wind turbines and their possible effects on humans, animals and the environment. Many people are now confused and have a lot of questions they want answered. In this brochure, we have addressed questions that we have been repeatedly asked in the past. And we have tried to provide answers in an intelligible form that are based on scientifically proven facts and figures. The provincial health authority of Baden-Württemberg has reviewed the statements and supports them.



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